Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Does it work on all smart phones?

All Wekonnect apps are currently compiled for iPhone and Android smartphones. Your app will be compiled and submitted to the App Store (iPhone) and Google Play (Android). Once your app has been approved you will be able to start telling people and advertising it for download for free. Please also refer to the Pricing Page for minimum requirements and a more detailed compatibility list..

2. What costs are involved?

  • Monthly subscription cost (paid to WeKonnect)
  • Standard banking merchant fees (ones you are mostly likely already currently paying)
  • Transaction fees to WeKonnect (as per Pricing Page)
  • Account and transaction fees to Eway, PIN or Stripe (as per their Terms & Conditions)
  • A once-off set up fee (paid to WeKonnect)
  • SMS credits if required (but push messages are free!)

3.  What does my setup fee include?

  • Compiling your customised app and submission to the App Stores
  • App administration back end access and passwords sent out
  • Introduction to online video help
  • Receive step by step instruction on 'Getting Started' guide
  • User account creation
  • Negotiate and set up internet enabled merchant facility with the NAB if needed (required to take online payments through the app)
  • Phone support to help with the set up of your third party gateway facility via Eway, PIN or Stripe (necessary to take online payments through the app)

4.  Is it hard to use or add content?

No. We have spent many hours making sure that you can administer a WeKonnect account easily even with basic computer understanding. The WeKonnect admin has detailed instructions on every screen for your reference. Failing this you have access to the timely and friendly support staff and online documentation. Still nervous? Don’t be, we also offer onsite training for the faint hearted. Please contact us for more information and pricing for on site support.

5.  When will my church receive reports?

Financial reports are available in real time and as transactions take place they will be viewable straight away. Each time one of your app users gives or makes an event payment they (and your organisation) will automatically receive emailed confirmation of their transaction

6.  As a user are my credit card details safe?

Yes. We do not store your credit card details on our Wekonnect system. We use a PCI compliant CC gateway to process all transactions, and the latest in SSL security and encryption to protect you information.

7.  Can I send out bulk SMS and emails?

CYes, by uploading your current contact list/database via the easy to use import tool in the app admin. This will allow the following fields to be imported; Contact Name, Email, Mobile, Phone, Sex, Age, and Campus. Once completed you can filter the recipients via these details and sent out your group SMS and emails.

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